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Dress 2152MRT754 Vision

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Fabric Property:  Made of knitted Mira Fabric.It is a fabric that can be used in all seasons.
Product Feature :It is a new season hijab style product. (Unlined.)Cycling Collar.It has a functional back button.Belt is included, can be used optionally.Elastic cuff.Buttons are useableThere may be a tone difference due to the concept shots in the product color.

Belt Details : The middle of the belt is empty and the edges are stitched to prevent the creasing.

Models Measurements  Length:160 cm, Chest:86 cm, Waist:68 cm, Hips:95 cm, Weight:52 kg.

(The product on the model is 38 size.)

38  90 88  134 
40  96  90  134 
42  100  92  134 
44  104  98  134 
46  110  104  134 
48 114 108 134
50 116 110 134
52 120 116 134
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