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Terms of delivery

Cargo & Delivery

Shipping Fee:

For domestic purchases, the shipping fee is 29,90 TL. If payment at the door is preferred, only the payment at the door service fee of 15,00 TL is charged. This fee is not charged for credit card purchases. 


Your product is given to the cargo within 24 hours after the order is issued. Your shipping tracking number will be sent to you as SMS when your product is shipped. To keep track of where your cargo is, you can click on the ' ' Kargom where ' ' button on our main page, and if you write it here, you will also find out which branch, which day and time it will arrive at the Kargonuzun.


When the speed or branch you are connected to brings you your package, it will leave a note at the door when you cannot find it at your address. In this case, you need to receive your package from the cargo branch in the note in "3 days". If you do not receive delivery within three days, your package will be returned to


We send cargo to your address wherever you are in Turkey.

Note: Delivery time of cargo delivered by PTT cargo is between 7-10 days


If you are within the borders of Turkey, your order will be in your possession within 5 working days at the latest. This schedule is committed to sending the in 10 days at the latest because it can vary depending on your location and logistics company's transportation to that area.

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