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Help & Support
• How can I order?

You can order easily following the steps below.

1. You can check all the categories, including the new products on our homepage.

2. Select the right size and add the products to cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button. (You can see the measurement table in the product detail page for the right size.)

3. Click to ‘Buy’ button at the right bottom side of the page.

4. Fill the invoice address and delivery address sections full and correctly. Click to ‘Continue’ button at the right side of the page to continue.

5. Choose the shipment company and the payment option you prefer. Click the ‘I read The Preliminary Information Form and The Distance Sales Contract’ confirm button after checking your order summary. Click to ‘Complete the Order’ button to place your order. That’s all! Your order has been placed.

• Do I have to sign up to order?
After adding the product you want to buy to the basket, you can continue or complete your shopping without becoming a member.
• Can I add product to my cart or remove product from my cart?
Before completing your order, you can remove the products in your cart by clicking the (X) in the "My Cart" section or add new products with the 'Continue Shopping' button.
• Which details can I reach in my cart?
You can see the products you like and want to buy, their images, names, product codes, quantities, unit price and total price. You can view and use the products special to the cart and your exchange coupon. If available, you can use a discount voucher.
• How long does the products I select remain in my cart?
When you created an account and put your products in your card, the products will stay in 15 days. When you put the products in the card without not login in your accoount, they will stay 10 days. The products are that out of stock will be removed from your card automatically
• Where can I see the discount amount of my order?
If there are any campaigns on the products or if you have a valid discount coupon, you can apply the discount coupon from the gift card box. You can then view it in the "Order Summary" area.
• How can I be informed about the out-of-stock product when it is in stock?
If the product you want is available, select the suitable size in the size selection section below and click on the "ALERT WHEN IN STOCK" button. You will be notified by e-mail when product stocks are updated.
• I cannot see the order I paid on the "My Orders" page in my account. What should I do?
You can send an e-mail to with your receipt showing that payment has been received from your account or call our Customer Service Center (0212 550 52 52). Our customer representatives will solve the problem as soon as possible and assist you.
• How Can I Track My Order?

You can learn the status of your cargo;

- By clicking the "Track My Cargo" button on the main page,

-By clicking your username in the upper right corner of the main page from the “My Orders” section after logging in,

-By contacting the relevant cargo company or visiting the cargo company’s website and entering your "Shipping Code" which is sent via e-mail and SMS after your order is shipped,

• What should I do if there is a damaged / faulty product in my order?

We would like to state that we will work devotedly to correct the situation you have experienced and prevent it from recurring. We supply our products in packaged form from the manufacturer. The defect may have escaped quality control at the company. We provide a return and exchange guarantee. We apologize for this situation.

We will contact you within 48 hours, including the date of delivery. You must send an image of the damaged product to our Customer Service Center or social media areas.

We have a '30-day' period for damaged products. If your 30-day legal period has not expired; You can make a return by logging in to your membership and clicking on the Exchange / Return button in the My Orders section.

• With Which Cargo Company My Order will ship ?

Your orders will ship our contracted cargo companies: Aras Kargo, MNG Kargo and Kargoist company. We serve with PTT cargo to remote areas such as villages and towns. For overseas orders you can order with DHL or UPS.For overseas orders you can order with DHL or UPS We have a '30-day' period for damaged products. If the legal deadline of 30 days is not exceeded, you can send the product to us without any payment by sharing the following codes with the cargo company; 268551072 for MNG, 1727844311038 for Aras and 604284714 for PTT. Your request will be examined and your demand will be met when the product arrives to us.

• With Which Cargo Company My Order will ship ?

The return period of the re-saleable product which you want to return by any reason is 15 days after receiving date. The product must be unused, not damaged of trying, not lose its resale-ability and the package of the product must not be damaged. If the relevant deadlines are exceeded, the refund cannot be made. Order cancellation is carried out if the order has not been shipped. Return conditions apply for orders that have been shipped. You can get the details about whether your order has been shipped or not by calling the customer services on 0212 550 52 52. Return Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mahallesi Yalçın Koreş Cad. No:42

Within 15 days, you must send the products you want to return / exchange to us. The product you send is unused; It must not have lost its salability feature such as unwashed, odor, stain, tear, missing accessories.
Log in to your account and click on the Change/Return button in the My Orders section.
Select your shipping company. Note the Change/Return code.
You can access your Change/Return shipping code from the My Orders page and messages which sent to your mobile phone.
You can package the products which have the same Change/Return code together. Make sure the package is intact.
Make sure that your IBAN number is correct for your refund requests.
The return period is 15 days after the order is delivered.
You must deliver your package to the shipping company within 7 days from the date you receive the Change/Return code.Home pickup service is valid for exchanges and returns of orders delivered with Kargoist with the same shipping company. For returns, invoice submission is a must. You should place your invoice in a way it will not fall during the transfer and send it with the products. You must return your package with cargo companies to get a correct and fast service.Return Address: Yenibosna Merkez District Yalçın Koreş Street No: 42 Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL E-MAIL : info@modaselvim.comPhone Number : 0212 550 52 52(Exchange option is only available for domestic (in Turkey) orders)
You can return the products that you are not satisfied with for any reason in 15 days from the delivery if the products have their original package and labels and not used.
When your return products get delivered to us and the approval process is done, we will inform you and start the refund process. The refund process may take 15 days depending on the payment transaction process of your bank. Our Customer Service Center will contact you via call, SMS or E-mail if the payment type of your order is Cash-At-The-Door. If the payment type of your order is credit card, the refund will be made directly to your bank account. NOTE: Service fees (Shipping and Cash-At-The-Door payment fee, etc.) are the price charged by the shipping company and cannot be refunded.
You will be informed via e-mail or SMS after the return package gets delivered to us.
You can cancel your order with your order number and contact information by calling our Customer Service Center.
If your cancelled order is not delivered to shipping company, the whole cost including the shipping price is refunded.
You can order anytime you want if the products are in-stock. In case of out-of-stock products, you can click to 'Alert When In Stock' and get e-mails about prouduct stock.
• What is IBAN?
IBAN is a bank account number with international standards. Each country may be different, but we have 24 households. The purpose of IBAN is to ensure that money transfers take place quickly and accurately. If you share the IBAN owner's name and surname correctly with IBAN, your payment will not be delayed.

While our corporate customers are shipping the product, they have to issue a return invoice and send it to us by adding it to the package. Proces will not make when the receipt does not reach us

•Why the giving back is made in installments?
The refund of the orders created by the installment is made to your credit card as the total purchase price. This payment made by in a total amount in one time will be reflected on your statement as a plus (-) in the form of a plus (+) amount during the installment month in accordance with the bank procedure.
• With Which Cargo Company My Order will ship?
Your orders will ship our contracted cargo companies: Aras Kargo, MNG Kargo and Kargoist company. We serve with PTT cargo to remote areas such as villages and towns. For overseas orders you can order with DHL or UPS
• Can I Check My Order Before I Receive It?
Authority to open the order package belongs only to the buyer. You can show that you own the package by signing the cargo delivery form and paying it (if there is a paid cargo at the door) and open your package.
• How many days will my order arrive?
•Your order is prepared and sent to the cargo within a maximum of 24 hours after being created. Cargo delivery status may vary depending on the shipping company or address. After the cargo is on the way, you can follow your cargo process with your cargo tracking number sent to your phone. If you cannot find your address or cannot be reached, your package will be returned to our company. In order to avoid problems, you should follow the delivery process of your cargo.
• I Forgot My Password, How Can I Change It?

After logging in to our website, click on the "Member Login" button in the upper right corner of the page. You can login with your temporary password, which will be sent to your e-mail or phone number after clicking the "I Forgot My Password" button in the lower right corner of the box that opens. To create a new password for yourself by changing the temporary password; After logging in, you can click the "My Profile" button in the upper right corner of the page. You can make changes by typing your temporary password and the password you have specified on the page that opens.

• How can I be informed about the products that are in sale?
You can download our mobile application, follow us on our social accounts or create an e-newsletter membership on our website to be informed about the campaigns and innovations.
• Can you let me know when stocks are updated ?
If the product you are interested in does not exist in our stocks, you can open the notification by clicking the "Notify Stocks Thoughts" button in the product box. In this way, we can inform you by e-mail when the product is updated.
• When will the products that are out of stock updated?
We work with many supplier companies to provide you with a higher quality service. Our products are updated from time to time, but there is no clear date.
• Do You Have WhatsApp Line?
We answer the messages you send with more than one representative in order to provide you with a higher quality service. Single-user apps like WhatsApp can delay our responsiveness due to density, so it is not a preferred app.We have to; You can reach our social media accounts such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM.
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