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Membership Agreement

MODASELVİM.COM Distance Sales Contract

Article 1-Parties of the Convention

Seller: Moda Selvim Textile Tic ve San. A.S./

Address: Yenibosna Merkez neighborhood Yalçın Koreş Street No: 42 Bahçelievler/İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 550 52 52


Buyer: Customer

Article 2-The subject matter of the contract, the issue of this agreement is that the buyer orders the seller from the Web site in electronic environment, has the qualifications mentioned in the contract, and the sale price of the goods/service specified in the contract The Law on the protection of consumers with respect to the provision of the laws and regulations concerning the implementation of the provisions of the regulation of the rights and the rules of the terms and conditions. Buyer, subject to sale of the basic qualifications of goods/services, sales price, form of payment, terms of delivery, etc., all the preliminary information on the sale of goods/services and information about the rights of "Withdrawal", confirming that the preliminary information in the electronic environment and After the order of the goods/services, the job accepts and declares the terms of this agreement. The preliminary information and billing work on the payment page on the site are the integral parts of this agreement.

Article 3-The contract date has been signed by the seller before these two copies of the business are accepted by the contract buyer.... and a copy will be sent to the recipient's mail address.

Article 4-Delivery of goods or services, the place of expression and delivery of the contract/service shall be delivered to.... at the address of the buyer's request.

Article 5-Delivery expenses and delivery costs belong to the buyer. If the seller has declared that the delivery fee for shoppers on the website is to be met or delivered free of charge within the campaign, the delivery costs are owned by the seller. Delivery; The stock is available and the price of the goods is done as soon as possible after the seller's account is passed. The seller shall also deliver for 30 (thirty) days from the order of the goods/services and reserves the right to extend the additional 10 (ten) days of time in the written notice. If for any reason the goods/service fee is not paid or is cancelled in the bank records, the seller is deemed to be freed from the obligation to deliver the goods/services.

Article 6-Payment fee at the door payment service is a payment option provided by the shipping company. For this service, the cargo company is charged 15,00 TL. This service fee is owned by the shipping company and cannot be returned in case of a product refund. If you do not want to pay an extra fee when purchasing your product, you can make payments securely without any extra service fees by choosing a credit card and a secure payment option.

Article 7-Buyer's representations and commitments shall be examined before receiving the contract of the goods/service; The damaged and defective goods/services will not be delivered from the cargo company. The goods/services received will be deemed to be undamaged and robust. The obligation to protect the goods/services after delivery, belongs to the buyer. Goods/services should not be used if the right to use the withdrawal. The invoice must be returned. After the delivery of the goods/service, the buyer's credit card is not caused by the defect of the recipient, or in a manner that is not due to unauthorized use of the bank or financial institution for the purpose of the goods/services to the seller In case of payment, the buyer is obliged to send the goods/service to the seller within 3 (three) days, provided that it has been delivered to him. In this case, the delivery expenses belong to the buyer.

Article 8-Seller's declaration and undertaking is responsible for the delivery of the goods/services in accordance with the qualifications specified in the contract and the warranty documents and use manuals, if applicable. The seller shall not be liable for the delivery of the person/entity to be delivered to another person/entity, if the subject of the contract does not accept the delivery. The seller will refund the goods/services in 10 (ten) days after the withdrawal of the cancellation statement, if any, of the precious Evraki. The goods/service gets refunded within 20 (twenty) days. For justified reasons, the seller may supply equal quality and price to the buyer before the term of the contract expires. If the seller believes that the goods/services ' bankruptcy is impossible, the contract notifies the buyer before the term expires. The paid price and if any documents are refunded within 10 (ten) days. Goods/services that are defective or defective from goods/services with or without warranty certificate can be sent to the seller in order to make the necessary repairs in the warranty terms, in this case the delivery expenses must be made by the seller will be met.

Article 9-The properties of the goods or services that are subject to the contract/type, quantity, brand/model, color and all of the sales price included in the Goods/Service Promotion page on the website called The integral part of the contract is as specified by the invoice.

Article 10-Prepaid price of the goods or service/advance rate of the service is available in the invoice content sent to the customer with the sample invoice and product that is discarded in order to end mail.

Article 11-Futures price according to the price of the sale of the goods/service is available in the invoice content sent to the association with the sample invoice and product that is discarded in the order end mail.

Article 12-Faizher is the interest rate determined by the Government of the Republic of Turkey and can not be more than 30% in any case. The buyer is responsible for the bank that is working.

Article 13-Prepayment amount/prepayment amounts of the service are available in the invoice content sent to the customer, along with the sample invoice and product that is discarded.

Article 14-Payment plan if the buyer purchases with credit card and installment, the installment format is valid from the site. In the installment proceedings, the respective provisions of the contract signed between the buyer and the cardholder bank apply. The credit card payment date is determined by the contract terms between the bank and the buyer. The buyer can also track the number of installments and payments from the bank's account summary.

Article 15-The cancellation authority may use the right of withdrawal within 7 (seven) days from the delivery of the contractual property/service itself or the person/entity at the address indicated. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the seller's customer service is notified by e-mail or telephone, and the goods/service is available on the 15th. In accordance with the provisions of the substance and the work is an integral part of this agreement and is not used, as per the preinformation published on the Web site. If this right is used, 3. The invoice for the goods/service delivered to the person or recipient is the original refund. In 7 days following the arrival of the notice concerning the withdrawal of the goods/service fee to the buyer shall be refunded Ve20 (twenty) days of the goods/services will be refunded. If the invoice is not sent to the original, the buyer cannot be liable for VAT and any other legal obligations. The delivery price of the goods/service returned by the seller is borne by the reason of the withdrawal.

Article 16-goods/services that cannot be returned as of the property and services that are not available to the withdrawal rights, goods/services that are rapidly deteriorating and expiration date, disposable goods/services, hygienic goods/services, Evening dress goods/services, Are all kinds of software and programs that are copied. Furthermore, in all kinds of software and programs, various media (DVD, Cd v. B), computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, strip V. B) and cosmetics materials to be used for the right to deter the goods/services packaging is not opened, It is a condition that they are intact and unused.

Article 17-Temerrüd and legal results The buyer shall pay the interest in the bank of the card holder in the event that the credit card has been made in the case of the transaction, and will be liable to the bank. In this case, the relevant bank can start legal routes; If the buyer can claim the costs and the charge of the power of attorney, and in all circumstances, in the event that the buyer's debt is dropped, the buyer agrees to pay the seller's losses and the damages incurred due to the delayed term of the debt.

Article 18-The competent court of Labour in the disputes that may arise from this contract, consumer arbitration committees to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, consumer courts on top of the stated value; The law courts of Aslıye are authorized in places that cannot be found.

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